The city is situated in the east- centre of the Umbria area where Subasio Mountain stands up and overlooks the wide plain furrowed by Tlace.


One of the greatest and glamorous spectacle in nature. The wide park which surrounds the falls is equipped with numerous restaurants and fast foods and permits to visitors to spend pleasant time in a really suggestive place.


It’s situated very close to Perugia (only 15 km). It rises on the hills at the left border of the Tiber river, immersed in a wide valley rich of cultivated fields. This small centre is famous for its traditional pottery art business started during the Etruscan Age. Nowadays this sector still represents the main economy income of the village.


It’s immersed in a unique and impressive environmental scenery between the relieves of the mountain Caperno close to the homonymous village. It’s famous for the great rowing race. Visitors should try a pleasant excursion on the lake by ecological boats.


The city is situated near Terni and it’s a small diamond in Umbria. Its millenarian history signed by different phases (Roman, Medieval and Renaissance) had contributed to create important monuments such as the wonderful fortress of Albornoz. Fantastic and suggestive excursions show to visitors the ancient part of the city.



The city stands on a peculiar tufaceous rock surrounded by numerous cultivated fields and vineyards. The result is a spectacular fortress overlooking the river Paglia valley.


Is an old town situated in the north- centre area of Umbria. The old city centre rises on the high mountains at the right border of the Tiber river. It’s a place where the mix of cultures and peoples during centuries had given many great features to the city : art, history, religion, culture, artisanship, environment and food and wine gourmet of course.